Perving on sneaks and boots

Perving on sneaks and boots


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Danner Quarry with Jeans

New (to me) Boot Cuffs

I saw these boot cuffs on eBay and just had to have them. They are Hiatt Thompson model #  5259, but they are an older design with a heavier chain, which I find more appealing.




I consider these to be a very good purchase, especially considering how much I love wearing boots.


Chippewa Loggers with Leg Irons

img_044  img_038

img_031 img_036



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VIDEO: Removing Chippewa Loggers, Putting on Air Max Plus (TN)

VIDEO: Danner Recon with Leg Irons

Clean Boots vs. Dirty Boots in Porn


On the left is a pair of practically new ranger boots. On the right a not so new pair of Timberland classic. Which is hotter?

The initial response to this may depend upon your particular erotic context. I suspect that most will find at least a partial conflict in deciding which has the higher erotic value. For me there is a distinct advantage to thinking about the new leather mixed with the first day’s sweat inside a skinhead’s new boots, but I am also drawn to the image of the dirty Timberlands, something about their authenticity to the role that is performed by the wearer. Boots that are worn have a virtually irrevocable link to the wearer to whom they belonged. This process is normally thought of as “growing in character”, but it is also growing in closeness to the wearer and becoming a part of the wearer’s experience. In erotic terms: the boots become an extension of the man. New boots do not have that advantage, they are more “cold”, not possessing the essence, experience or scent of their man. On positive side, fresh boots retain much of their own scent and are closer to the desired form for many guys. There is also a somewhat elitist feeling to new boots, which may mean they have more of an impression of power.

In pornography the shoes and boots are typically pretty new and certainly not dirty. This resembles a normative assumption that in performance everyone should look clean and that there should be a level of professionalism to such a production. I personally find the forced sterility of such films to be a turn off and much prefer a guy to be in a more natural pair of footwear. In pornography I find footwear that has obviously been broken in some, but that is absolutely pristine to be a bit of a turn off, like it is just there for show, it isn’t “real”, and thus has no authentic connection to the masculine identity of the wearer.

My personal liking of new shoes and boots is their rigidness, their firmness. They are to me very erotic to wear as they tend to fit tighter and be a constant reminder of their presence at first. I find the rigid and unbroken lines of a pair of new boots to be very aggressive and as such, very hot. Some boots also make a distinctive creaking sound when they are new, which seems to get my attention. I have yet to discover what about that sound excites me though, except maybe its pervasiveness into my environment. 

When sociology/gender studies and a hard-on mix, interesting things happen.

A Bold Group Portrait


I would absolutely love to lay down at the front of this shot and work my way back. Its like a rainbow leather paradise.

The Boy I Want to Be


I want to be this boy. He is totally masculine, while also completely and entirely submitted to the man in the boots, or perhaps to the boots themselves. The heavy chain exudes the masculinity and the earned position of the boy, while at the same time symbolizing the weight of the power that the man he is gazing up to has over him. The boy is not timid or shy. He proudly sticks out his tongue to receive the boot which is being offered to him, and he looks up with respect, admiring the man above him, and perhaps also contemplating the significance of the position that he finds himself in. The boy is masculine in every aspect, the cut of his hair, the hair on his face, the strong expression on his face and the musculature of his neck. He is even allowed to have a chain that matches his own masculine force. The only exception to this boy’s masculinity is the tiny piercing at the top of his left ear, giving the indication that this boy may not be entirely in control of his own image, that he is for another man’s pleasure.

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