Perving on sneaks and boots

Perving on sneaks and boots


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Smith & Wesson Model 100 Handcuffs


Sneaker and Gear Directories Offline

The sneaker and gear directories are both temporarily offline. Do not be alarmed, this is a known condition.

Photos: Chained in Shox (on Film)



A new logo

I was getting tired of having to manage the size of my logo on watermarked images, so I have now switched to marking with a simpler logo:


SNKR.US is a portal page for Jake and myself. The logo is a clean, clear way to reach the person or people responsibly for images bearing this mark.

Sneaker Fetish Domains Available

Hey guys!

If anyone needs a domain name for a sneaker fetish related website, I am currently in possession of several domain names that I no longer need and would be willing to transfer. The domains are: SNEAKER.XXX, SNEAKERFETISH.ORG and BOOTFILES.NET

I will freely transfer the domains to whoever wants them (or one of them). If you are interested, reply to this post and I will get in touch to transfer the rights to the domain and explain the renewal procedures.

Matching Kicks


I love when I get the same sneaks as Jake.

New Tumblr Sites

In addition to my existing Tumblr pages I now maintain several others. I have now added a Tumblr specifically for chastity and one involving skinheads. There is also one that is for the hyper-masculine, boot-wearing guys that isn’t specific to the boot fetish genre, its called Cowboys, Bikers and Militiamen.


Lots of photos of skinheads collected from around the Internet. Very little of my own work as I don’t actively engage with the style at this point.

Locked Men

Men locked in chastity. Simple concept.

Cowboys, Bikers, Militiamencbm

Booted, hyper-masculine men. Primarily cowboys, sport bikers and military guys.



Nice way for boyfriends to bond.

Nice way for boyfriends to bond.

I think hes looking for more than just a date.

I think hes looking for more than just a date.

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