Perving on sneaks and boots

Perving on sneaks and boots


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Danner Quarry with Jeans

Anyone want to play basketball with me?

Smith & Wesson Model 100 Handcuffs


A New Pair of Boots

Recently I received a new pair of Danner Fort Lewis boots. Fort Lewis have long been one of my favorite pair of boots. I love the height, feeling them reach 10″ up my calves. I also love that they are all leather. It is also a nice feature that the upper eyelets are D-rings which easily accommodate a padlock, for those who are so inclined to such things.

One of the advantages to being all leather is that they can be polished with traditional Kiwi wax polish to take on various levels of shine. The high quality leather also makes it possible to (carefully) add wax to parts of the boot other than the toe without it becoming an absolute mess. In the past I have always polished my leather boots, but with this new pair I’m trying to decide if that is something I want to do. I like the look of the bare leather and with a bit of conditioning it would be perfectly nice to break in. An advantage to the wax polish is that it provides a layer of protection to the leather to prevent scuffs and scratches to the leather itself. One thought that has occurred to me is to apply a small amount of wax, just enough to create a thin layer for protection, without taking the boot to a high shine like my other Danners.

Leaving the new pair unpolished will make them stand out from my current boots and be a slightly different look that I can wear with jeans or other casual pants.

Danner Fort Lewis Trio

My new Danner Fort Lewis, unpolished (left) with my current insulated Fort Lewis (center) and composite toe Fort Lewis (right) | Codes for Remote Bondage

Trust in remote BDSM play can be hard. A dom friend and I liked the idea of using verification codes because always using a cell phone to confirm date/time is hard, especially when sometimes its the only device available to create the photographic evidence, hence the need for a separate verification mechanism. We came up with the idea of using verification codes, similar to what some chastity guys use, but didn’t want to be restricted to the workflow of the chastity sites or the inability to go back and review codes. Originally I created a website just for us to use, but we’ve since decided to make it open to all kinky guys for whatever their needs may be. |

  • Create verification codes that can be used to confirm date/time of a photo and compliance with instructions
    • If you can’t use a device, use an index card and a marker to display the code
  • Generate random numbers for use on lock boxes or combination locks
  • Send remote bondage or chastity orders through e-mail with a permanent log
  • Retrieve log of all codes/orders or random numbers issued to a pair of e-mail addresses (if only one address is specified, its recorded as private and not in the log).
  • Information about date/time of a code can be retrieved with the code itself
  • System has multiple roles available, not just Master/slave. Select roles that match your relationship or leave as Player 1 and Player 2 to keep it friendly.



Heavy Iron Collar and Cuffs

Here are a few photos of my heavy iron collar and cuffs, connected by a heavy chain and padlocks. Combined weight is nearly 20 lbs.




Sneaker and Gear Directories Offline

The sneaker and gear directories are both temporarily offline. Do not be alarmed, this is a known condition.

New (to me) Boot Cuffs

I saw these boot cuffs on eBay and just had to have them. They are Hiatt Thompson model #  5259, but they are an older design with a heavier chain, which I find more appealing.




I consider these to be a very good purchase, especially considering how much I love wearing boots.


Chippewa Loggers with Leg Irons

img_044  img_038

img_031 img_036



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