Video: Heavy Cuffs with Nike Shox Current

Video: Nike Shox Current

Just got a pair of Nike Shox Current. In this video I take of my silver Nike Shox R4 and model the new Nike Shox Current.

Video: Nike Basketball Shoes and American Handcuff Legirons

Video: American Munitions Leg Irons

This is a video from a few months ago when I first got these from eBay. I love the heavy chain on these.

Video: Air Max 90 with Shortened Leg Irons

Originally created for Master Matthew

Photos: Chained in Shox (on Film)



Photos: Chains on Film





Video: Cuff Hogtie in Air Max 90

Video: Sneaker Bitch Gets Cuffed

Photo: Classic Sneaker Bitch Bondage

I recently found this old pic of me on Tumblr and reminded me of all of the self bondage I used to do. Loved chaining myself up in those Air Max Flight Wings.


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